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The Coega Maths and Science Programme Records Impressive Results - published 20 Mar 2020

The Coega Maths and Science Programme Records Impressive Results 



Port Elizabeth, 20 March 2020 – The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) established Maths and Science Programme (MSP) as an innovative intervention necessitated by the low pass rate in Maths and Science subjects in the Eastern Cape (EC).


The programme is one of the CDC Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes largely contributing to the community in terms of education and skills development which has led to more learners undertaking studies in Science, Engineering and Technology, thereby reducing the gap between the supply and demand of critical and scarce skills.


According to the Department of Basic Education, National Senior Certificate Examination Report, in 2019 the EC province has recorded impressive results with a matric pass rate of 76.5% which is a significant improvement than the previous years.


“The long term objective of the organisations participation in empowering young minds particularly through education, training and skills development is to increase the quality and quantity of young professionals who can become the next generation of specialists in different strategic fields with innovative minds and critical skills, says Mzoxolo Dube, CDC Head: Coega Development Foundation. 


In 2019, the programme achieved impressive results of 92% pass rate in Maths and 98% in Physical Science.


Moved by outstanding performance of the class for the FY 2019/20Maths and Science facilitator Eldon September highlights, “The CDC is pleased with the results the programme. The team always shows commitment in ensuring that the beneficiaries of the Programme are progressing well in their journey of obtaining higher educational qualifications to get better opportunities in critical fields of science and technology.


The top five (5) Maths and Science Programme learners for the FY 2019/20, and the overall top achievers are Yothando Sikhuza (19), Sinovuyo Kostauli (20), Lonwabo Scott (19), Ntando Gruza (20) and Danielle Beaton (20).


Yothando Sikhuza and Sinovuyo Kostauli are some of the students who have shown potential in terms of their growth and learning. Since joining the programme they managed to get good marks, propelling them into the top five students, in 2019.


Yothando Sikhuza highlights how the programme has benefitted her, “Taking part in the MSP was the best decision I have ever made after being rejected for medicine in all tertiary institutions I applied for after matric. I have developed holistically because of this opportunity, I am now competent with a deep understanding of Maths and Science which are the major requirements for the career I wanted. I am currently studying towards my dream career which could have perished if I had not taken a gap year and improved my marks.”

Yothando is currently studying towards her degree in medicine in the University of Free State.


Sinovuyo Kostauli is currently studying towards being a pilot in one of the top flight schools in the country. She comments that, amongst her goals is to work for one of the South African top companies with plans to one day own his company and open job opportunities for young people.

“The programme didn’t just help me upgrade my matric results; It played a role of developing me into being a mature and responsible young lady,” says Kostauli.


She continues, “the Coega Maths and science programme is a place where you discover your true potential. In my life I never imagined myself passing maths and science with flying colours until Coega MSP made it possible,” 


“It is important to support young people and empower them with skills that will help the skills base for the EC and broadly that of the country. The success of the programme also depends on full commitment from learners. Through that this opportunity will unlock a number of opportunities for our youth”, concludes Mr Dube.

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