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Coega advances socio-economic development amid the COVID-19 pandemic. - published 22 Sep 2021

Rebuilding the Economy: Coega SEZ announces the coming online of five projects by end of 2021 - TransMerch Africa (R37 million), APLI (R180 million), Seraphim (R362 million), DHL (R20 million), and Cochrane (R10 million).

Coega advances socio-economic development amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gqeberha, 22 September 2021 – With the Coega Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as one of the leading SEZ’s in the continent both as a domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destination. The Coega Development Corporation (CDC), which manages and operates the Coega SEZ, has seen a resurgence of investors following the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and relaxation of the varying lockdown levels. “We are encouraged by the work we’ve seen in the past couple of months. There are clear signs that we are turning the corner for the better,” says Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC Unit Head Marketing & Communications.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions to the flow of FDI including the fact that investors are looking for markets that will ease disruptions in their production chains, environments that are swift to implement measures to stimulate economic recovery and growth and provide policy certainty amid a global challenge. SEZ’s seek to leverage the potential of their locations and infrastructure in providing a conducive environment for these linkages to take place. In a study by the World Bank titled Special Economic Zones in Africa, it highlights the potential of SEZ’s to contribute to improving Africa’s competitiveness and its integration with the global economy and how SEZ’s could help to create jobs and raising incomes.

Consistent with the vision of the CDC to become the leading catalyst for championing of the socio-economic development. The Coega SEZ, will by the end of 2021 operationalise Five (5) investor facilities amounting to R606 million worth of private investment. The investors that will be coming online include TransMerch Africa (R37 million), APLI (R180 million), Seraphim (R362 million), DHL (R20 million), and Cochrane (R10 million).

Multi-user tenant, TransMerch Africa, is in Zone 3 of the Coega SEZ and is expected to become operational in December 2021. The manufacturer of chemicals and products for supply to the automotive industry is expected to create 15 jobs.

African Port Logistics and Infrastructure (APLI), which develops fruit, fruit cold storage facilities and a container depot, is in Zone 1 of the Coega SEZ and came online in June of this year. During construction, APLI created more than 720 jobs and is expected to create a total of 228 operational jobs when fully operational.

APLI – The fruit packaging facility, fruit cold storage, and a container
depot has seen the creation of over 720 jobs during construction


Seraphim, located in Zone 3 of the Coega SEZ is expected to be ready for commissioning towards the end of December this year. The Seraphim facility will produce Solar photovoltaic cells and during construction it created more than 81 jobs. When fully operational the company is expected to create over 324 operational jobs.

Seraphim: – Located in Zone 3 of the Coega SEZ will manufacture
Solar photovoltaic cells

SEZ’s play a critical role in the logistics sector, another investor that will be coming online is DHL. The company recently completed the construction of its facility in Zone 1 of the Coega SEZ. The construction of the facility has seen over 260 people being employed and is earmarked to create a large compliment of local employees when fully operational.

DHL – The development of a warehouse and office facilities.
The construction phase of this R20 million project has been completed.

Cochrane, located in the Multi-user facility in Zone 3 of the Coega SEZ, is a storage and fencing solution and related products that became operational in April of this year. Currently the investor has created seven (7) operational jobs thus far.

Cochrane – is a R10 million investment which produces fencing
solutions and related products

The SEZs, such as Coega, are a catalyst for employment, transformation, socio-economic development, and industry growth. Therefore, working together with our valuable investors and stakeholders, in general, we can advance the socio-economic development of the country and then fast-track sustainable inclusive growth in line with the country’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.




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