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The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is a state-owned enterprise (SoE) based in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality with operations throughout South Africa. The corporation is mandated to develop and operate the 11 500 ha Coega Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which was established in 1999. To this end, the CDC is tasked with the responsibility to create employment, provide training and development, and SMME support and development opportunities, in order to reduce unemployment, inequalities, and to eradicate poverty in the Eastern Cape, with a focus on Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, in particular. Therefore, the CDC’s vision is to be the leading catalyst for the championing of socio-economic growth. Its mission is to provide a competitive investment location supported by value added business services that effectively enables socio-economic development in the Eastern Cape and the rest of South Africa. In the 17 years since its establishment, the CDC has become South Africa’s most successful SEZ and has matured to become one of the biggest drivers of job creation and development of the Eastern Cape economy. It is purpose-designed following the cluster model, which strategically positions related and synergistic industries and their supply chains in close proximity to one another in order to maximise efficiency and minimize turnaround times. The Coega SEZ is demarcated into 14 zones, with the focus being placed on the following sectors:

• Metals/Metallurgical

• Automotive

• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

• Chemicals

• Agro-processing

• Logistics

• Trade Solutions

• Energy

• Maritime


In 2008, the reach of the Coega SEZ was extended to include the 216 ha Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park (NMBLP) in Uitenhage, an area which provides infrastructure and support services to the automotive manufacturing industry, thus reducing costs and improving suppliers’ competitiveness. The CDC’s organisational structure is based on the three main business areas:

• The Coega SEZ – currently home to 43 operational tenants, who comprises of local and international investors.

• Coega Commercial Services – which includes:

– Recruitment and selection, training and development, staff development services for investors in the SEZ, and social facilitation, through Coega Human Capital Solutions (Coega HCS);

– Business and leisure travel-related solutions (including accommodation and car hire) through Coega Corporate Travel (CCT) providing seamless and cost effective travel management solutions. CCT hold an IATA accreditation, a seal of approval recognized worldwide;

– Consulting services providing fully scalable suite of integrated management consultancy and turnkey solutions through Coega Business Solutions (CBS);

– ICT services by Coega Telecoms enhancing the Coega SEZ telecommunications services; and

– Accommodation and conferencing at the Vulindlela. Accommodation and Conference Centre (VACC).

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