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Coega Human Capital Solutions currently has a skills development portfolio under its administration that exceeds the entire budgets of most SETA’s.

The value of any skills development programme lies in the ability of the candidates to find gainful employment upon completion. This is where the Coega service offering differs from others in the market. Over a period of 9 years, Coega Human Capital Solutions has consistently shown employment rates in excess of 80% for all our trainees, and an astounding success rate in terms of the sustainability of our SME Programme.

Coega Human Capital Solutions continues to provide critical ETQA, skills development and implementation support to several SETA’s, and remains one of the very few skills development agencies capable of vocational curriculum design to ILO and SAQA standards, qualification design and international mapping of qualification content.

For one stop assistance and access to skills development programmes, contact:

South Africa – Tel: 08610 COEGA / 0861026342

International – Tel: +27 41 408 4800 / +27 41 403 0400

Fax: +27 41 408 4998 / +27 41 403 0401

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